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I'm delighted to share my passion for gemstones with you. Mother Earth's generosity and time have giving us a variety of treasures to discover and skillful stonecutters are inventing new ways to astonish us all the time. Gemstones go through a long process before being set on a piece of jewelry. I understand some people are nervous when looking for a gem. I don't use stones that are filled or dyed. The process called "heated"  gets a bad wrap but most people don't realize that  it is a very common and tricky process aiming at eliminating impurities while bringing out color. Before buying a stone, I find out their origin and the treatment (if any) they've gone through and i'm 100% open to share these informations with you. Buying a piece of jewelry should be an enjoyment. I always tell my client: "look for something that you absolutely love, that will look good on you and not put you in debt". Buying a piece of jewelry is always associated with happiness. Whether it's an engagement, a birth, or celebrating personal success, i'm thrilled to have been a part of "good news" in people's life. I also enjoy doing custom work for clients who over the years  have trust my eye for exquisite stones which I think makes my work recognizable considering how simple my designs are.  Enjoy your treasure hunt!  


We have to thank Heitor Dimas Barbosa for their discovery in 1987. He was convinced something extraordinary was hidden under his feet in the hills of Paraiba. His instinct proved him right. Their colors are spectacular and the presence of copper gives them a fire never seen before in Tourmalines.

The Paraiba Tourmaline

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