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you can look but don’t touch, they’re precious !” My grandmother would show me her jewelry and I’d pretend to be a pirate who has found a treasure. I’d escape from rainy Paris where I was born and imagine finding forgotten jewels sheets. I’d find these precious stones again in my parent’s Atlas which in time would always open to that same page. I was obsessed. Much later, working as a stylist in Los Angeles, I couldn’t wait for award season, hoping to help my clients chose pieces loaned by the masters of Rodeo Drive. My curiosity pushed me to go to a gem show in Santa Monica where I had a crush on a new stone called the Paraiba Tourmaline which I purchased, not really knowing what I would do with it. I had to have it! I knew this stone was extraordinary. I had to learn everything about jewelry making and found with it a true vocation in which I could not only try out my eye for gemstones but express my taste for simplicity. I’ve met very generous people through this passion like my stone cutter who shapes stones since he’s 14 years old and taught me how to recognize the beauty which will come out of the rough. Other jewelers have shared their knowledge gracefully while letting me chose my own way. Since 1990, I look for precious stones that will inspire a simple piece aiming at enhancing their beauty. After sculpting a wax, casting the metal, setting the stone and polishing the piece, I find myself back into the  skin of a pirate in front of a treasure. I’ve done a lot of pieces but the feeling always comes back and now I get to wear the treasure !  


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